years of expertise

The J.M. Cathala Advice Bureau was started in 1988 to facilitate the recruitment of staff and managers in the agricultural and food-processing industries both in France and abroad.

Since then, J.M. Cathala Advice has gained an outstanding reputation in the recruitment of key staff in these industries.

At the origin of this fantastic story : Jean-Michel Cathala. After valuable experience in commercial posts in industry followed by general management in several international companies, he gave himself the challenge of creating a company whose aim would be to help businesses recruit their management teams.

For 35 years J.M. Cathala Advice has been developing this expertise. The company has become a major player in recruitment in the agricultural and food-processing industries with…

  • a large network
  • more than 2000 successful and permanent placements in France, Europe, the French overseas departments, the former French African colonies, Asia and the U.S.A.
  • loyal clients, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years.

In 2015, having run the company for 27 years, Jean-Michel Cathala retired and handed the reins to Laurent-Guy Le Louette.

The brand J.M. Cathala Advice continues to develop, using its wealth of expertise. Today the company is known for its passion and attention to detail. It guides its clients in their selection of the candidates with the most appropriate profile who will ensure the development and continuity of their companies and will create the future of the agricultural and food-processing industries.

Looking ahead, we are a personal team made up of specialists in agriculture, food-processing and distribution. Our relationship with and knowledge of this field allow us to understand your needs and to offer you a wide choice of solid and appropriate solutions.

We are all experienced in the direct approach system and we have specialists in various areas of expertise acquired from experience in agricultural and food-processing businesses, food distribution and commercial catering.

Our recruitment practices are characterised by a realistic vision of your operational requirements and your human resources needs, whether you are a large or a small company. Our methods are comprehensive and incorporate a psychological approach to personalities.

As well as our classic recruitment techniques we employ the subtleties of the direct approach, a technique which is mastered fully by very few companies.

Because we wish to present you with « The Solution », we aim to form a strong relationship with you in order to recruit successfully your management and staff.

Our pragmatism, our availability at all times, our network and our data bases are your best assets in finding the man or the woman eminently suited to the situation which you want to fill.